Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tubes- yikes!

My sweet baby Hubb has had a REALLY rough winter! He had the stomach bug once, but mainly his problem has been colds, ear infections, etc. Hubb has asthma and has to take breathing treatments twice a day even when he's well, and when he is sick, he has a separate breathing medication he takes every few hours. If he catches a little cold, it usually turns into a prolonged bout of wheezing, which is usually followed by an ear infection. Bless my little man's heart!

So, yesterday we went to see Dr. Cawthon, and ENT and such a SUPER NICE doctor. He took one look in Hubb's ears and told us he needed tubes in the worst kind of way. So, our sweet little one is getting tubes next Thursday, and I am one nervous wreck. I know it is a very minor procedure- it literally takes the doctor 5-8 minutes to perform- but of course I am scared!

However, I have heard wonderful things about tubes- people have told me they made the biggest change in their child! So if you have any words of wisdom, send it my way! If you have horror stories about tubes, please refrain from sharing.

And, since this post was somewhat of a Debbie Downer, I will leave you with just a few pictures taken by Tyler Cladwell. He is so talented- let me know if you need his info for pics!


  1. Poor Hubb! I have only heard good things about tubes...not to worry - they'll be a great thing and the proceedure will be fine!

  2. I've only heard great things as well. He's going to feel so much better. Praying for him!

  3. Hey Lauren! I just stumbled onto your blog. Since I'm not on FB anymore I don't get to see pics of Hubb. He is such a cutie!! I'm sorry to hear he has been so sick :( I know it's tough on you and Jeremy. Praying for a healthier year after tubes!

    Love, Sarah Plummer

  4. Poor boy, we'll be thinking about ALL of you. And we LOVE the pics of Hubb...Trey even said something last night while looking at FB which is why I say "all". Hope to see you soon!