Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Someone turned 2...and here comes Henry!

Wow, so much has happened since the last time I blogged! I think I just get so bogged down in things that I just keep letting the weeks pass by because I have SO MUCH to catch up on, and it's much easier to just keep putting it off!

The most important thing is that my baby turned 2 on July 1st! I can't believe that two years have already come and gone with our sweet little one. I wish I could put into words what a blessing and a joy he has been in our lives. We can't imagine life without our little Hubbster! He is our world.

To celebrate, we had a water slide party in our back yard with some friends from school, some friends from his social circle (ha!), and awesome family. He was in his element and had a blast!

Since the last time I blogged, we have gone to the beach with each set of grandparents and have had such a fun summer! I need to just do an iPhone dump because that's where most of our pictures are. Maybe I can squeeze that in between now and next week, but no promises.

Also, our new baby boy sure is growing too! His name is Henry Woodham, and he is scheduled to make his debut this Monday, September 19th. We are so excited to be welcoming a new bundle. We have been talking to Hubb about it, but I don't think he "gets" it yet. But hopefully he and Henry will be best buddies! I'll try not to be a slacker and definitely try to post after the baby comes. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers...I hear life with 2 is a wee bit different than what we're used to! But we are so excited for the challenge and know that Hubb will be the best big brother ever!