Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Someone turned 2...and here comes Henry!

Wow, so much has happened since the last time I blogged! I think I just get so bogged down in things that I just keep letting the weeks pass by because I have SO MUCH to catch up on, and it's much easier to just keep putting it off!

The most important thing is that my baby turned 2 on July 1st! I can't believe that two years have already come and gone with our sweet little one. I wish I could put into words what a blessing and a joy he has been in our lives. We can't imagine life without our little Hubbster! He is our world.

To celebrate, we had a water slide party in our back yard with some friends from school, some friends from his social circle (ha!), and awesome family. He was in his element and had a blast!

Since the last time I blogged, we have gone to the beach with each set of grandparents and have had such a fun summer! I need to just do an iPhone dump because that's where most of our pictures are. Maybe I can squeeze that in between now and next week, but no promises.

Also, our new baby boy sure is growing too! His name is Henry Woodham, and he is scheduled to make his debut this Monday, September 19th. We are so excited to be welcoming a new bundle. We have been talking to Hubb about it, but I don't think he "gets" it yet. But hopefully he and Henry will be best buddies! I'll try not to be a slacker and definitely try to post after the baby comes. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers...I hear life with 2 is a wee bit different than what we're used to! But we are so excited for the challenge and know that Hubb will be the best big brother ever!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A day at the sheep farm

The rodeo came to town a few weeks ago, and we continued the Vinson family tradition of attending on opening night. Bon Bon and Danny always get us tickets, and the three of us go as well as Jeremy's brother Brent, his wife Aimee, and their two children Luke and Lily Kate (or Tate, as Hubb calls her). We had a great time, although I didn't get many good pictures, thus no blog mention. Anyway, while we were there, Bon Bon ran into her friend that owns and runs a sheep farm in Ramer, and she said they had a fresh litter of baby lambs! She said it would be the perfect opportunity to get some good pictures. So a few Saturdays ago, we all loaded up and headed to the farm. I also convinced Tyler to come along and take pictures, and of course Sara came just because she loves lambies. We had a ball at the farm and I hope you enjoy Tyler's wonderful pictures!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A good little Saturday...

Last weekend was SO BEAUTIFUL here in Montgomery! It was also Zoofest, so we made big plans to take the Hubbster to the zoo. (Correction: My mom, Caroline, and Trip made big plans to take Hubb to the zoo, and they said I could tag along as well. Thanks for the invite!) Anywho, we pulled up to the zoo and it took 2.5 seconds to realize that this was not the best day to visit the zoo. The main parking lot was full and we were having to park in alternate lots. Also, there was a very long line just to get in the joint. So, we decided that we would have a fun day anyway, just not at the zoo! We went to the Farmer's Market and the Curb Market, then grabbed a healthy lunch at Chris' Hot Dogs, and then made a trip over to the rockin' park downtown near Old Alabama Town. We had fun acting like kids. But can I tell you a good way to depress yourself? Go and give the monkey bars a shot. You remember, the ones you dominated when you were a kid? The ones where you would challenge anyone breathing to a match of chicken (or was that just me...)? Anyway, go give those a shot. And if they are easy for you, congrats and don't tell me about it, as it will cause an even further depression for me. I'll just say this, things aren't like they used to be.
Hubb had fun on the tire swing with Aunt C...

On the regular swings with Nan Nan...

Watching his crazy mom as she re-lived her childhood swinging days...

And of course watching Mommy and Tip have a swinging contest, which I CLEARLY won...

Look at that smile! Could you not just eat him with a spoon?

And of course sliding with Tip!

Hope your Saturday was just as fun!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Who lives in your heart?

My mother-in-law volunteered to keep Hubb on Friday night and Jeremy and I went to dinner. Well, Bon Bon has a playroom at her house, and in that playroom she happened to have a heart. It was a tin heart that probably had chocolates in it at some point, just a small little box the kids can play with. So, Hubb picked up the heart and held it to his heart, and he said "heart." Bon Bon was impressed that he knew what a heart was, and that he could hold it up to his actual heart. Here comes the good part. Bon Bon said, "Hubb, what's in your heart?" And without flinching, he said "Jesus!" Naturally, I spent all weekend asking Hubb where his heart was, and who lives in his heart. And let me tell you, there is no greater sound in the world than hearing your toddler exclaim "Jesus!"

Friday, March 25, 2011

Fun Friday

The weekend is here- hooray! Can't wait to spend some quality time with the boys. In other news, most of my {4} faithful blog readers already know the news that I am pregnant with numero dos! We are excited, thrilled, and can't wait to see what our life will be like as a family of 4. Baby Dos will be here in September, so it's gonna be a scorcher of a summer. And I thought, since it's Friday, and since the picture uploader thing on the blog isn't working for me and it's messing up my previously planned post, that I would leave with you a link to very funny post on what NOT to do/say to a pregnant woman.

Now I will tell you that of course I don't feel as strongly about any of these things as the writer, BUT, towards the end of pregnancy, you can start to feel like you may want to drop the 'bow on the next person who tells you that your face is retaining water. Oh really? Thanks! You sure do know how to make a girl feel pretty! So, while I may not get as irritated as the article suggests, there are definite boundaries that shouldn't be crossed. And here they are:

Things I *Wanted* to Say While Pregnant

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tubes- yikes!

My sweet baby Hubb has had a REALLY rough winter! He had the stomach bug once, but mainly his problem has been colds, ear infections, etc. Hubb has asthma and has to take breathing treatments twice a day even when he's well, and when he is sick, he has a separate breathing medication he takes every few hours. If he catches a little cold, it usually turns into a prolonged bout of wheezing, which is usually followed by an ear infection. Bless my little man's heart!

So, yesterday we went to see Dr. Cawthon, and ENT and such a SUPER NICE doctor. He took one look in Hubb's ears and told us he needed tubes in the worst kind of way. So, our sweet little one is getting tubes next Thursday, and I am one nervous wreck. I know it is a very minor procedure- it literally takes the doctor 5-8 minutes to perform- but of course I am scared!

However, I have heard wonderful things about tubes- people have told me they made the biggest change in their child! So if you have any words of wisdom, send it my way! If you have horror stories about tubes, please refrain from sharing.

And, since this post was somewhat of a Debbie Downer, I will leave you with just a few pictures taken by Tyler Cladwell. He is so talented- let me know if you need his info for pics!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kitchen Update

OK, I know that out of the 5 of you that read this blog, not all of you are interested in my kitchen update. But a few of you have asked me to put the final details of our kitchen on the blog, so that's what I am doing. If this bores you, I don't blame you, and feel free to navigate away from this page!

Since my last kitchen blog, we added an island, and what a great decision that was! Again, it helps when you are related to a fabulous cabinet guy, and should you need his info, holla. So, we got this great island, which we use ALL. THE. TIME. However, not surpisingly, it took me a long time to find lighting and bar stools. But finally, I made a decision and had the lighting installed (thanks, awesome father-in-law!) and ordered the counter stools.

Here are the details. The pendants are from Lowe's. They were $34.95 each and a great investment. They seem to keep these in stock at the Montgomery Lowe's, but of course they can be ordered online as well. The counter stools were ordered from Target.com. They come in white or a dark espresso color, and they are $99 for a set of two (that's a steal!) + free shipping! Word to the wise though- they are not fun to put together. Of course, it was nothing Jeremy couldn't handle, but there were some cuss words flying for sure (no worries, Hubb was asleep).

For some off reason, I took these pictures this morning before work, without regard to everyday kitchen clutter. It would have been great to take down some of the items from the front and top of the fridge, spruce up the half-dead flowers from Valentine's Day, and replace any blown light bulbs. But, this is real life, and you get the idea.

Now, onto the next project: the dining room banquette...