Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kitchen Update

OK, I know that out of the 5 of you that read this blog, not all of you are interested in my kitchen update. But a few of you have asked me to put the final details of our kitchen on the blog, so that's what I am doing. If this bores you, I don't blame you, and feel free to navigate away from this page!

Since my last kitchen blog, we added an island, and what a great decision that was! Again, it helps when you are related to a fabulous cabinet guy, and should you need his info, holla. So, we got this great island, which we use ALL. THE. TIME. However, not surpisingly, it took me a long time to find lighting and bar stools. But finally, I made a decision and had the lighting installed (thanks, awesome father-in-law!) and ordered the counter stools.

Here are the details. The pendants are from Lowe's. They were $34.95 each and a great investment. They seem to keep these in stock at the Montgomery Lowe's, but of course they can be ordered online as well. The counter stools were ordered from Target.com. They come in white or a dark espresso color, and they are $99 for a set of two (that's a steal!) + free shipping! Word to the wise though- they are not fun to put together. Of course, it was nothing Jeremy couldn't handle, but there were some cuss words flying for sure (no worries, Hubb was asleep).

For some off reason, I took these pictures this morning before work, without regard to everyday kitchen clutter. It would have been great to take down some of the items from the front and top of the fridge, spruce up the half-dead flowers from Valentine's Day, and replace any blown light bulbs. But, this is real life, and you get the idea.

Now, onto the next project: the dining room banquette...

Monday, February 21, 2011

Extremely Spontaneous Beach Weekend!

Hello! Hope each of you had a great weekend- we sure did! On Thursday, after drooling over the weekend forecast, I asked Jeremy if he thought he would have to work any during the weekend. He said he doubted it, do I asked him what he thought about heading to the beach for the weekend. He said sure, although he probably doubted I would follow through.

Well, I Friday afternoon I actually booked a place, and we arrived Friday night between midnight and one. (Jeremy's only request was that if we did go to the beach, we still had to keep our plans to eat at La Zona Rosa on Friday night, which we did. There was a 40 minute wait, so that set us back a little, but hey, what's the difference when you're arriving so late anyway?)

We stayed at Baytowne in Destin, which is one of our favorite spots. We parked the car Friday night and didn't move it until we checked out on Sunday. And we stayed at the Village, so we were super close to everything. Saturday was the annual Gumbo Festival, and you know we wouldn't miss that. Jeremy got a little carried away with the gumbo and got sick in the middle of the night, but it was still a blast nonetheless. We had lots of good food, took Hubb to the pool and the beach, and had a blast just being in the beautiful weather. Enjoy the pictures!

Eating lunch at Acme

Enjoying the car on the carousel

Hubb's "cheese" face

Aaaand there's his real smile

Playing in the lawn at the wharf

This face sums up his feelings regarding the cold water in the pool.

And the water was very chilly at the beach as well, although it was BEAUTIFUL

Enjoy this beautiful weather!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


If you'll recall, New Year's Eve was such a beautiful day here in Montgomery. The weather was just perfect for Hubb's first trip to the zoo! And it wasn't too crowded, always a plus. So, while Jeremy worked, I convinced my mom, my sister, and my brother that they needed a trip to the zoo as well. We all had a great time and I see many zoo trips in the future!